X-Blades All Outfits Nude Mod

This nude patch removes the clothes from the Ayumi character you play in the game X-Blades, making her appear nude with only some elements of the armor still present, but not covering any of the important parts of her body – her bouncy tits, sexy ass and hot pussy are fully revealed. This nude patch covers all 3 outfits available in the game, so no matter which one you are wearing, Ayumi will still remain fully naked. The patch also modifies a bit the skin tone of your female character, making her a bit more pale as compared to the original color.

To install the nude patch just extract the files from the folder “Nude Mod” to the main folder where you’ve installed the game X-Blades and run the “xblades-nude.exe” executable file. To deinstall the nude patch just delete the files you’ve extracted from the patch, but even is you don’t uninstall it you can still play the game without the mod if you run the normal executable file instead of the one for the mod.

- Download the X-Blades Nude Patchmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3mirror 4

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  1. JoseElUno says:

    Its a pretty nice site youve made, and youve put a good effort into packaging the files and uploading them, providing screenshots, instructions and everything needed to get the mod working.
    That is good service and I hope you will find a lot of good stuff and that this site will get some attention.
    Already gone ahead and grabbed my share of stuff. Also some nice suggestions you have.

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