Perfect World International Nude Patch

This mod for the game contains nude models and skins for all female player characters in fashion mode (click on Clothes in Inventory to switch to it). You get all female characters naked with detailed breasts, nipples and pubic area as well as other general modifications to make them look more realistic an natural. The patch also includes many addons for fashion, like kinky bikinis, pirate set, classic set etc. So you can still retain the nude look of your character while adding some accessories.

The mod contains both an automatic and manual patch solutions if one of them does not work, you will find additional details on how to apply it in the Readme.txt file inside the archive. After you apply the patch and run the game the female characters will not be naked immediately, but don’t think that the patch does not work. You need to go into the Inventory and click on the Clothes button as you can see on the image above in order to activate the Fashion mode and this will activate the nude patch for your character, removing all clothes are fully revealing the nude body.

- Download the PWI Nude Patchmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3

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  1. Guest says:

    Can’t install it :( It says \Scenes\Locations\L03\ is unknown version..

  2. xxxlame says:

    me too need update becoas i cant good version

  3. Stuart says:

    Works 100% Follow instructions
    To install the censor remover patch for the game just run the “K&L2-Censor-Remover.exe” executable and point it to the main folder where you have the game Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days installed in and then inside the “Scenes” / “Locations” subfolders and click the patch button to get rid of the censor.

    There is no built-in deinstallation method that will allow you to get the game back censored, so in order to do it you will have to reinstall it again, or you can make a backup of the files in the folder mentioned above that will be modified by the patch before applying it.

  4. Lian says:

    I have followe all the instruction but still ,It says \Scenes\Locations\L03\ is unknown version..
    what to do..Help…..

  5. dave says:

    Great mod thank ..woohoo!! look at that there mod uncensored for Kane & Lynch 1.

    It work for me Just make sure u right click on Patch icon ..Propertied Click on compatibility RUN Windows XP sp2 something like that make sure run as administration mode to.

  6. super_pilot90 says:

    thanxxx Stuart for the help ……it,s worked

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