Aion Online Nude Caharacter and Nude NPC Mods

Aion Online is an online fantasy MMORPG game developed by by NCsoft, a major Korean game developer. The game has a good character creation system that allows extensive customization of your character such as adjusting the height, weight and scale of various body parts. Choosing between different hair styles, skin colors, facial textures and voices. And you can go further by selecting eye shape and color, nose shape, ear size and shape and even tattoos for the character’s face and body. What however is missing in the official customization options is the ability to make your character semi-naked or even fully nude, but don’t worry – this is possible thanks to multiple user-made modifications for the game…

Here you can download a pack of 19 sexy and nude mods for the game Aion Online that will remove the clothes of your main female character or will strip naked some NPCs inside the game. You have a lot of options with the different nude patches included in the following archive, so you can experiment with them in order to find the one that you like the most. Each nude modification comes with installation instructions and preview image, so do not forget to check out the separate readme files available for them.

- Download the Aion Online Nude Patchesmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3

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  1. Anon says:

    Refuses to launch with steam version, or maybe it’s just me but it just wont launch, the normal .exe won’t launch either unless it’s launched from steam

  2. admin says:

    Try renaming the original “Bladekitten.exe” to “Bladekitten2.exe”, then from the patch rename the “Bladekitten-Nude.exe” to “Bladekitten.exe”. Also edit the “Texmod.ini” file from the patch and replace the “Bladekitten.exe” with “Bladekitten2.exe”. After that running the game from Steam should work…

  3. Jimmy says:

    Can u do this mod on the xbox version ?

  4. admin says:

    No, it is only for the PC version of the game…

  5. Adam says:

    When I extract it I dont get the Bladekitten-Nude.exe file. Im also using the steam version. When I look at it in Winrar I can see the file but it wont extract it.

  6. Adam says:

    Okay I found a different way to get the file out (by opening the .rar with windows explorer. But not its telling me I need texmod.exe and when I copy that one out it disappears a second later, and the other .exe give an error message saying it needs it.

  7. admin says:

    Some anti-virus programs may detect Texmod as potentially unsafe application and block access to it, but the application is absolutely safe and virus-free… just mark the file manually as safe in your anti-virus software.

  8. Adam says:

    Okay, but now when I try to run Bladekitten-Nude.exe it just flashes the texmod window and then nothing happens. Im using the Steam version but I also tried another version of the mod with the non steam demo with thee same txt mod without the .exe and it worked. So how do I get the Bladekitten-Nude.exe to work? Also I tried the renaming thing. I want to just buy the non steam version so it will work but while it says $10 the billing says $30 so I just want to get this to work with the steam version I already have.

  9. Fung says:

    I am having the same problem trying to run this with Steam. Has anyone had any luck?

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