Aion Online Nude Caharacter and Nude NPC Mods

Aion Online is an online fantasy MMORPG game developed by by NCsoft, a major Korean game developer. The game has a good character creation system that allows extensive customization of your character such as adjusting the height, weight and scale of various body parts. Choosing between different hair styles, skin colors, facial textures and voices. And you can go further by selecting eye shape and color, nose shape, ear size and shape and even tattoos for the character’s face and body. What however is missing in the official customization options is the ability to make your character semi-naked or even fully nude, but don’t worry – this is possible thanks to multiple user-made modifications for the game…

Here you can download a pack of 19 sexy and nude mods for the game Aion Online that will remove the clothes of your main female character or will strip naked some NPCs inside the game. You have a lot of options with the different nude patches included in the following archive, so you can experiment with them in order to find the one that you like the most. Each nude modification comes with installation instructions and preview image, so do not forget to check out the separate readme files available for them.

- Download the Aion Online Nude Patchesmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3

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  1. Nick says:

    hey, nice work, how do you unpack the files to get to the skins? I want to start modding JD myself, specifically, I’d like to reskin the brown horse, maybe native american warrior horse or something. please get back to me with information, as all the internet searches I’ve done have lead to squat and spyware programs, so i felt asking a professional was the way to go. Thank you very much for your time.

  2. Simon says:

    Strange, I used the patcher like.. how you have to (according to this site and the readme), but my character still has her armor / “clothes” on :( .
    I did find an error like

    Jade_Dynasty_-_Nude_Mod\Nude Mod\Data\默认衣服女.dds> does not exist – patch failed!

    any way u can help me get this thing to work? >.<

    • Ravensclaw says:

      To Simon
      Jade_Dynasty_-_Nude_Mod\Nude Mod\Data\默认衣服女.dds> does not exist – patch failed!
      If you are still having trouble with that try opening Nude mod>Data folder>find the .dds file and rename it to 默认衣服女.dds hope this helps ya.

      To llq
      2010.12.28 20:24:54:020 Package file: E:\Games\Perfect World Entertainment\Jade Dynasty\element\models.pck
      Double check that the E: is where the game was installed if not change it to correct drive and retry.

      To xcxcxcx
      Sounds like your missing files in the game folder since it can’t back it up it is not there most of the time.

      To Nick
      winRAR is a free program to help with unpacking files its just annoying with the pop up everytime it opens after your trial is over but it is still usable.

      Additional notes: i found that this nude patch is only viewable when you wear A. first pieces of clothing you get or B. if you go normal clothes for wear instead of elite wear.

  3. llq says:

    2010.12.28 20:24:54:020 Start patching…
    2010.12.28 20:24:54:020 Package file: E:\Games\Perfect World Entertainment\Jade Dynasty\element\models.pck
    2010.12.28 20:24:54:022 Checking package backup…
    2010.12.28 20:24:54:039 [ERROR] PatcherUnit.cpp( 217 ): Creating package backup failed!

    this comes when i try to patch

    • xcxcxcx says:

      2010.12.30 17:45:48:643 Start patching…
      2010.12.30 17:45:48:643 Package file: C:\Perfect World Entertainment\Jade Dynasty\element\models.pck
      2010.12.30 17:45:48:645 Checking package backup…
      2010.12.30 17:45:48:647 [ERROR] PatcherUnit.cpp( 217 ): Creating package backup failed!

      :S some1 can help me pls? thx…

  4. admin says:

    Make sure you have Asian language support installed, otherwise you may have trouble applying the patch as it uses files named with non-English letters. The nude mod still works with the latest game patch…

  5. shawn says:

    this is really good, and I use this. I do have a question though any possibitly for a nudity mod for the athan female characters.

  6. eashwar says:

    The new jad dynasty update made it not work anymore… :(

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