Kabod Online is an Official Free to Play Adult MMORPG Game

If you are into playing free MMORPG games then you should not miss the one called Kabod Online as this is a true adult-oriented game that has a lot to offer if you are interested in playing with half-naked characters in the medieval times. This MMO game developed by the Korean company Kabod Entertainment offers some nice adult content for the players in terms of features, including very detailed and sexy looking characters. The game not only offers you to play with good-looking and plenty revealing characters, but you can also find and fight with half-naked or even fully nude monsters. So no nude mods or patches of any kind are required for the game, although these might help get your character nude right from the start of the game… and wouldn’t that be nice.

In the game there is a destroyable armor system which means that the more your armor gets damaged the more of your or the enemy’s character nude body will be revealed. Unfortunately if you just remove your armor you will see your female character in its sexy looking underwear and not completely naked. However the more you progress in the game and the higher level you achieve you will be able to get more armors and after level 20 you will be able to get armors that for example reveal your character’s tits all the time… so you will be playing with a strong topless armor for example. Another interesting feature that the game is promising is the NPC dating system which will get you some additional adult fun while you play the game. But that is not all, as Kabod Online is still just going in an open beta status, so we are expecting much more interesting things and features to come from the game. Meanwhile we strongly suggest that you register, download the client and try the game to see what it can offer…

- For more info visit the official website of the Adult MMORPG game Kabod Online…

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  1. Rafael says:

    Hi, your work is very interesting and I do not say depraved, but fun to play Grand Fantasia. I’m Mexican and that kind of images do not exist in my country, I would like you to help me with some pictures, for that I am an artist and I want you to see my work.
    Thanks for reading
    My work will put them through December 31
    Only three pictures.

  2. Robert says:

    I need help here? when I try to run the nude patch exe for Grand Fantasia I keep getting the error: Windows cannot find ‘Texmod.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. I get it every time? what am I doing wrong? HELP?

  3. Robert says:

    I don’t get that error anymore but instead when I try the nude patch exe with texmod nothing happens? it just keeps reopening texmod and saying invalid application? why am I the only one that it’s not working for?

  4. Xaiclun says:

    I have the problem, that nothing happen, when I try to run the Nude.exe…
    I’m from Germany, can this are a problem?

  5. Jesse says:

    I too am having problems… do fix this

  6. leif s says:

    no i get the same anser so you get…… nothing happens? it just keeps reopening texmod and saying invalid application dis mods cant woke

  7. Zor says:

    This is looks just great (i am artist), and very inspiring, but i have one question – is nudity will be seen only on computers with this mod installed?
    Or guys on server can see “the changes” too?

  8. Jesse says:

    Does not work for me

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