Hot Nude CG Renders of the Game Character Lara Croft

Here are a few naked CG renders of the game character Lara Croft that is liked by many, but here Lara is shown in different light… her naughty side fully exposed. These CG renders of Lara Croft posing naked and having fun with other girls and boys were made by DeTomasso and he is constantly releasing new images on his personal blog. The images come in high resolution and with a lot of details on the important parts, so you get very detailed renders of Lara Croft’s completely naked body, exposing her big boobs, hot pussy and tight ass. So if you enjoy looking at your favorite game character with not clothes on and that game character happens to be Lara Croft, then you should take a look at all the CG photos exposing the unknown and unseen life of the heroine released by the same author.

- Check out DeTomasso’s blog for more of the naughty Lara Croft…
- For some hot adult Lara Croft cosplay as well as other nude female characters…

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  1. TERRY says:

    man i love.this site! serves my requests well…

  2. jason says:

    Ive dled it, installed it, and although it says “successful” and displays in the game’s addon list, it doesn’t actually work during gameplay. any ideas?

  3. Cee says:

    Rochelle is my main in the game so of course if my laptop was compatible ta play it,i would have been bought it lol

  4. anonymous says:

    no asshole?

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