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Ripened Peach Sex Sim is the next generation of adult entertainment. It provides you with an awesome, fully 3D virtual sex experience that brings you into the scene, putting you right there with the characters you interact with and maintaining full control over what is happening. You can choose from a few different highly detailed male and female characters, choose their clothing, choose where you want to have sex, how fast, how much, and for how long. Every position has an effect on the character’s excitement. Does she like cowgirl best? Does he like doggy-style more? Can you get them to both reach orgasm at the same time?

There is no monthly fee, no costly membership, the game is fully uncensored and totally free. There are no ads, no annoying popups, no browser toolbars, no crap… just pure adult fun. Of course there are a few addons for the game that you can purchase, but they just add additional features and are not required for you to actually use the SexSim. And that’s not all. If you’ve got an artistic side, why not try your hand at making new outfits for the girls? You can share your creations with other users, giving them away or even selling them if you’re so inclined. There are other customizable things as well, so you can play around and see what you can come up with. There is already a community of users that are making their own outfits and mods for the game and that are sharing them in the Forums for free, so you should also go and take a look there too.

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The Velvet Express is an highly interactive virtual sex simulator situated in the 30’s of the past century. And thanks to the new, physics driven, animation engine in The Velvet Express for the first time in the genre, the sexual encounters do have a lively and realistic feeling. The sex in The Velvet Express is interactive,this means besides watching the animation one can also control the rhythm and force of the intercourse. The result is a fluid and lively animation which tends to tickle the senses.

Watch, Play and Record the hot sex action in the game. In the The Velvet Express you can also effortlessly record movie clips of his actions. The resulting movie clips are compatible with common movie players/editing software so after finishing with the game you can even share the recorded video footage. The Velvet Express features: Realistic interactive sex using an advanced, physics driven, animation system; Beautiful 3D scenery with detailed characters; Nearly 60 different sex positions to choose from; Record your own porn movie clips from the gameplay; Four distinct female characters, in their own settings; Multiple male avatars to choose from.

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The 3D Stripper is your interactive striptease experience in 3D directly on your computers’ screen. You decide on your strip girl outfit and then watch it take it off, what more can you want from a 3D virtual striptease experience. The 3D Stripper is a virtual 3D sex video game for adults. 3D Stripper is the only 3d sex game that allows you to decide the stripper’s outfits, customize the music, and make your desktop girl do whatever you want. You make money by controlling the 3D stripper’s dance – the more exotic and exciting the dance, the more cash you make. The more cash you make, the more outfits, dances, and lighting you can use, so the fun increases more and more. Ever wanted to have full control of a 3d sex y stripper without all the negatives of a strip club? You can now do whatever you want to your virtual girlfriend, as there are no bouncers in this online sex game!

Get a lap dance from a brunette, then one from a slutty nurse… you can customize your own virtual stripper to fit your fantasy and then watch her as she strips just for you. Schoolgirls, Not nurses, all nude – just pick your poison and let the fun times begin. These girls will obey your every command. This is the hottest virtual 3D adult sex game that takes place inside of a virtual stripper club. With state of the art 3D and graphics you wont believe, your own personal virtual 3D stripper and strip club on your own computer! You decide her dance moves, what she wears, even the music. The very same motion-capture 3D technology in animated films was used to capture the sensuous movement of live exotic dancers. This is no ordinary adult animation game, screen saver or dance program. It is the most realistic and arousing software and fun game you’ve ever enjoyed.

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