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This nude mod replaces the the model for Ada Wong with a completely naked one, so in the scenes in RE4 where you can play with Ada you will have no clothes at all. There is also a modified version that instead of naked Ada gives you a female character wearing sexy bikini while killing zombies. You can choose to install either the sexy bikini mod or the fully nude character for Ada. Have in mind that this nude patch affects only the scenes where you can play with the nude Ada Wong, so in others you will still be playing with the default character fully clothed. There is also a file containing some savegames that you can use to go directly to a scene where you play with Ada if you want to check out the mods immediately.


To install the bikini version extract the files from the “Bikini Mod” folder to the main folder where you have installed Resident Evil 4 and for the fully naked Ada Wong modification extract the files from the “Nude Mod” folder. To remove the nude patch just delete the folder “xfile” and its contents that you’ve extracted to enable the bikini or naked character modification.

Download the RE4 Nude Patchmirror 1