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The game Just Cause 2 is one of the big open world games where you can go pretty much everywhere in the vast virtual world, exploring and finding new and interesting things and one of these things is the Mile High Night Club. You still might not know the existence of this place since it is located in a bit odd place, on a flying airship over an island near one of the ends of the game world. You can see the exact location marked with the red circle on the map in the image above… you can recognize the place by the icon representing the airship that is right there on the map, but you might not even notice it or pay enough attention to it normally.

So what is so interesting about that specific place in the game that is called “Mile High Club”? Well, as any respectable night club there you can also find some male and female strippers dancing to some techno music as a part of the atmosphere. However normally there is no nudity present there, just some provocative outfits, but that can easily change with the help of some mods to make the night club more like its name suggests. Anyway, here are some photos on what the Mile High Club looks like from inside and of course you should find it and visit it if you have the game Just Cause 2 to see for yourself, not to mention that you should also take a look at some mods for the game…