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This nude patch for Dead Rising 2 removes the clothes of the gold and silver twin inside the game, so you will see them naked while you play in the game. You can also optionally replace the standard Chuck male player model with a nude female character and play in the game. You have the option to go with either the nude silver or gold twin female model as your player character. If you replace the character you might be having some weird artifacts because of wearing clothes designed for Chuck, and in order to reveal the naked female body you need to go to the Arena first and remove your clothes in the clothing locker (choose underwear mode).

To install the nude patch first make a backup of the files “datafile.big” and “npcs.big” that will be modified in order for the patch to be applied, you need to make the backup in order to restore the game to its original state. Copy the file “datafile.big” from this patch into the folder where you have the game installed under the “data” subfolder. Copy the file “npcs.big” from the main game folder found under the “\data\models\” to the “Gibbed’s Tools” folder that comes with the patch. Have in mind that in order for you to use the tools you will need to have .NET v4 installed. Run the “Extract NPCS.bat” and you will get the npcs.big contents extracted into a folder called “npcs_big”, where you need to copy the files: boss_twingold_t1.big, boss_twingold_t1.tex, boss_twinsilver_t1.big, boss_twinsilver_t1.tex. This will ensure that you get the two twins naked in the game.
If you also want to replace the Chuck male character with one of the naked female twins you also need to copy the files from either “playastwingold” or “playastwinsilver” in the same place (the “npcs_big” folder), overwriting the original files. After that just drag and drop the “npcs_big” folder over the executable “Gibbed.DeadRising2.Pack.exe” in order to get the file repacked with the nude modifications. The file you will get “npcs_big.big” after that you need to rename to “npcs.big” and put back in the folder where you’ve installed the game under “\data\models\”. You also need to copy the contents of either the folder “playastwingold – data” or “playastwinsilver – data” in the main folder where you’ve installed the game, inside the data folder and overwrite the original files. And finally, if you’ve replaced your character model don’t forget to remove your clothes in the clothes locker (switch to underwear mode). To remove the nude patch just remove the modified files and restore the backed up versions of the original “datafile.big” and “npcs.big”.

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