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The game Mafia II does have some provocative scenes while you play the role of a mobster to be, because as you expect the live of a guy in the era recreated in the game has to include a lot of girls and of course having sex with them. However you can say that the nudity in the game is minimal and where there is some, the authors of Mafia 2 tried to hide it by applying some additional effects. The good news is that there are already some patches that will reveal much more than you actually get while playing and you see a provocative cutscene, because they are not pre-rendered movies, but the graphics is rendered in real time…

There are to basic types of nude mods for the game that cover some of the hot scenes in the game, the first patch is a “tits only” version and the second one is a “full nudity” one, so you can decide on which to choose to reveal only some of the private parts of the girls or to get rid of all their clothes. The third patch is for further enhancing some additional scenes and making the nude scenes more clear and easily visible. Here is the list of scenes affected by the nude patches for Mafia 2:

– Chapter 2 “Home sweet home”
– Chapter 5 “The buzzaw”
– Chapter 11 “A friend of ours”
– Chapter 13 “Exit the dragon”

To install any of the patches first make a backup of the original files and then copy the modified files in the respective directory where you’ve installed the game Mafia II in. To uninstall any of the patches you just have to restore the files you’ve backed up, by replacing them with the already modified versions.

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