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The game Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is pretty violent and has some nudity in it, but the extreme violence and nudity in the game is censored by default which seems to be part of the original idea of the game. However if you do not want to have someone censor the most interesting parts of the game you can use this patch to remove all the censoring fully exposing the nude scenes and giving you some additional violence. And example you can see right from the start of the game is the naked girlfriend that is running away with the Chinese guy you are after in the first chapter of the game, her lower part of the body is censored, but it can be fully exposed after applying the censor remover patch.

To install the censor remover patch for the game just run the “K&L2-Censor-Remover.exe” executable and point it to the main folder where you have the game Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days installed in and then inside the “Scenes” / “Locations” subfolders and click the patch button to get rid of the censor. There is no built-in deinstallation method that will allow you to get the game back censored, so in order to do it you will have to reinstall it again, or you can make a backup of the files in the folder mentioned above that will be modified by the patch before applying it.

Download the Kane & Lunch 2 Censor Removermirror 1mirror 2