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The Topless Faith Mod for the game Mirror’s Edge modifies the clothes of your in-game character in order to reveal here tits. It is not a complete nude patch, it just makes Faith’s top transparent, which allows you to see her tits while you play. In order to use that patch however you need to switch the game from the traditional first person mode to a third person camera that will allow you to actually see your character. Time for some Parkour (Free Run) with a semi-nude female character in a dynamic and realistic game world environment…

Copy the file “TdInput.ini” into the folder “Documents\EA Games\Mirror’s Edge\TdGame\Config\” and overwrite the original one present there or instead you can open the original file and add the following key binding:

The step above is very important, because normally the game runs in first person mode and by adding this key binding you will be able to switch the camera to different modes, including third person mode that you should leave in order to be able to see the see-trough top of your character Faith. Then copy all the files from the folder “Topless Mod” from the patch to the folder “Binaries” under the main folder where you have the game installed. After that just start the “MirrorsEdge-nude.exe” executable file instead of the original exe file in order to have the patch applied. To deinstall the patch remove the files you’ve extracted during the installation of the patch, but you don’t have to do that in order to play the game without the patch applied as there are no permanent changes being done to the game files, just running the “MirrorsEdge.exe” file normally will start the game without the patch applied.

Download the Topless Mirror’s Edge Patch