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Here is another alternative to use the a female character instead of the default male character Rico Rodriguez in the vast world of the game Just Cause 2. With this simple mod you can replace Rico with Maria Kane wearing a sexy military style outfit. So after playing for a while with Rico, you can make things more interesting and fun by replacing him with this female character and you can get back to the standard one at any time should you wish to…

All you have to do is download the patch from any of the links below and extract the folder “dropzone” from the archive to the main folder where you have the game Just Cause 2 installed and you are ready to start the game and play with Maria Kane, instead of Rico Rodriguez as your main character. If you want to make things go back to normal, just delete the “dropzone” folder you extracted in the main game folder, it is easy as that with no permanent changes done to the game. So happy playing of the game with a nicer looking female character instead of a male one.

Download the JC2 Maria Kane patchmirror 1