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Sexy Beach ZERO is Illusion’s latest 3D action adventure adult game featuring a lot of sexy 3D girls that you can have fun with. The company Illusion is popular for developing 3D Eroge or in English this means a computer game that features erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style 2D or 3D artwork and Sexy Beach ZERO is no exception. The game is expected to be released on the 29th of October, however there are already some preview screenshots as well as a short demo video. As you can see from the video and images, the game kind of reminds to Dead or Alive, but of course Sexy Beach ZERO will offer much more goodness for you than DOA just teasing you a bit. However there is just one problem, apparently the game will be available only in Japanese, although you should not have any trouble quickly getting used to the controls even if you don’t understand the language…

Now if we got your attention with these screenshots and the demo video and we are sure we just did that, you might be interested in visiting the official website of the game Sexy Beach ZERO, however just like the game itself the website is also in Japanese.