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It seems that the latest trend in fighting games is to allow the players to play with scantily clad girls in order to make the players happy, though you’ll have to pre-order the game to get access to that bonus. In the case of the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 game you’ll get to play with sexy bunny outfits that seem a lot like the bikini outfits in another upcoming popular fighting game. You can see an example of the bunny outfits in the embedded video above. Currently the sets of sexy bunny costumes are being offered as a pre-order bonus and they come in either ‘DOA Angels’ white bunny swimsuits version for Kasumi, Leifang, and Hitomi, or a set of ‘DOA Devils’ black bunny swimsuits for Christie, Tina, and Ayane. And apparently if you order the Collector’s Edition of the game you get to have both the black and white bunny swimsuits for all the female characters. DOA5 will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles only and will be released on September 25th (US) and September 28th (EU).

In the case of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we seem to have similar approach, though here you’ll have a DLC pack available for the game with over 150 different bikini outfits for the hot female characters available in the game. And you can also get the Big Bikini Bundle along with some other bonus extras if you pre-order the game before it is released. An example of some of the bikini outfits that are available in the Big Bikini Bundle for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 can be seen in the embedded gameplay video above. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available for will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles only and will be released on September 11th (US) and September 14th (EU).

X-Blades is an interesting action-adventure game released last year that is worth checking out if you’ve missed it. In it you assume the role of the sexy and half naked Ayumi who wields a deadly two pistol-blades. X-Blades is a hack-and-slash style type action-adventure game in which you must fight monsters, using a pair of gun blades and spells, throughout different indoor and outdoor levels in order to progress further. Throughout the game you learn new skills and evolve, becoming more and more powerful and deadly for the enemies while at the same time still remaining very sexy looking. You can say that the levels and the action can get a bit boring in a while, but still the game is quite enjoyable, especially if you like to play with deadly and half-nude anime-style female characters. But enough talking, lets give you some eye candy in the form of screenshots from X-blades and of course the sexy heroine Ayumi…

Another interesting thing about X-blades is that apart from its PC version, the game is also available for PlayStation 3 consoles and Xbox 360 consoles, so console gamers will also be able to enjoy it. And you will probably be quite delighted to know that the game X-blades is quite modable and there are numerous patched and modifications for it, including quite a few that allow you remove the little remaining clothes from Ayumi making here appear nude, but more information for the nude patches and mods will come in a bit in another post.

If you are interested in the game X-blades visit the official website…