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The game Blades of Time is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game developed by Gaijin Entertainment and published by Konami. The game is a spiritual successor to Gaijin Entertainment’s past work, X-Blades (also with some nude patches available). In the game a gunsword-wielding treasure hunter named Ayumi finds herself stuck on a mysterious and dangerous island. While rich with bounty, the island is also caught in the throes of Chaos magic. Ayumi soon discovers that it is also the home of thousands of long-held secrets, including special powers and abilities that she can gain for herself. Using everything she can, she must find a way to defeat armies of menacing villains and a multitude of treacherous traps in order to break free of the possessed island’s grasp. The nude outfit patches for the game rely on user modified textures and TexMod to reveal what is under Ayumi’s clothes and make her look much more attractive for the adult gamer.

To install the nude patch for the game just extract the files from the folder “BoT All 3 Outfits Topless” in this patch to the main folder where Blades of Time is installed and run bladesoftime-topless.exe. Alternatively you can extract the files from the folder “BoT All 3 Outfits Topless Heavenly Sword” that will make Ayumi redhead instead of blonde, the rest is the same in both patches. To deinstall it just remove the files that you’ve extracted from the patch, although if you run the game directly trough the standard executable file it will run normally without the patched textures being loaded.

If running the executable “bladesoftime-topless.exe” does not activate the nude patch you may have to right click on Texmod.exe, choose Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and activate the “Run this program in compatibility mode:” with “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” selected in the drop down box. Depending on the antivirus software yo use you may get a false positive identification of Texmod.exe as a possible virus, don’t mind that, the executable file is perfectly safe.

Download Blades of Time – Nude Outfit Mods…

The Topless Mod for the game Kings Bounty Armored Princess removes the parts of the armors of your main female character in the game that covers the boobs of the heroine. The patch works with all three character classes, so you will be able to see the tits of your character while you play the game no matter what you choose. During the game you may also see some topless female characters that you may have to fight with…

To install the nude mod just extract the folder “mod” from the patch to the folder “data” inside the main game folder where you have the Kings Bounty Armored Princess installed. For deinstallation just remove the folder “mod” you’ve extracted during the installation of the patch.

Download the King’s Bounty Topless Patchmirror 1mirror 2

This patch modifies the top clothing of the Ayumi character you play by removing here revealing bra and revealing here tits below. This is a semi-nude mod making Ayumi topless and not a full naked modification for her.

To install the nude patch just extract the files from the folder “Nude Mod” to the main folder where you’ve installed the game X-Blades and run the “xblades-topless.exe” executable file. To remove the topless mod just delete the files you’ve extracted from the patch, but even is you don’t uninstall it you can still play the game without the mod if you run the normal executable file instead of the one for the mod.

Download the X-Blades Topless Modmirror 1