Sakura Fantasy Adult Visual Novel Game

7 Jun

Sakura Fantasy is an exciting visual novel fantasy adventure where you decide the development of the story by the choices you make. It is the tale of an aspiring sexy female protagonist who wishes to aim to become a knight. Her life suddenly changes when she meets the mysterious empress and a burning star falls from the heavens. This is the new adult visual novel from the makers of Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels.

Although the game features a lot of sexy anime girls half naked, there is a special hentai patch that you can apply to the game to make it even more interesting and get some uncensored extra hentai scenes along with it. You can download the Sakura Fantasy Hentai Patch for the Uncensored CGs + Extra Hentai scenes. To install the patch all you need to do is put it in the Sakura\games folder.

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