The Adult Parody Sex Game BoneCraft Getting a Mod Kit

3 Feb

The adult parody game BoneCraft will be getting a BoneCrafter Mod Kit, something that is especially interesting for adult gamers and the people that want to have the right tools in order not only to modify the game BoneCraft, but also to be able to make an adult sex adventure of their own. The developers of the game BoneCraft plan to give out the tools with some tutorials and documentation, then rely on the feedback of the community and the forums to complete the project. All of the script code used to create BoneCraft will be available at release, meaning game modders can hit the ground running with the ability to change aspects of BoneCraft, such as level design, characters, missions, weapons, etc.

Modding BoneCraft is only one aspect of what the BoneCrafter Mod Kit will offer. Once the game modders have learned how to modify BoneCraft, learning all the tools of the trade, they can move on to the main feature of the Mod Kit and this is the creating of their own custom games that they can share with the community. Modders will have assets from both BoneCraft and BoneTown at their disposal. The BoneCrafter Mod Kit is designed to allow a small team to make a big project and that’s what we’d like to see happen with it… make it easy for more games similar to BoneCraft to appear.

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