Just Cause 2 – Nude HD Mod 1.2

30 Sep

This is probably the best naked patch for the game Just Cause 2 in terms of both removing the most clothes from the in-game NPCs as well as providing the best quality nude skins for the characters that get their clothes removed. This patch removes almost all the clothes from the strippers dancing in the Mile High Club inside the game, but doesn’t stop at just that… it also removes some clothes from different male and female characters in the whole game, although you can see the completely naked girls only in the strip club.

All you have to do is download the patch from any of the links below and either extract the folder “dropzone” from the archive to the main folder where you have the game Just Cause 2 installed or extract the files inside the “archives_win32” available in the patch to the respective game golder with the same name and you are ready to start the game and see the naked strippers when you visit the Mile High Club. If you want to make things go back to normal, just delete the “dropzone” folder you extracted in the main game folder (or the two files you’ve extracted in the “archives_win32” folder from the patch), it is easy as that with no permanent changes done to the game. So happy playing of the game with a the naked strippers instead the fully clothed ones that are normally available.

Download the Just Cause 2 Nude HD patchmirror 1mirror 2

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