This nude patch for the game Drakensang makes all female characters nude except for the pirate. When you start the game you will have to go into the inventory and remove the all the clothes and armor form the character for it to become fully naked, otherwise you will still see the clothes and/or armor on top of the body. You can add accessories and weapons where they will not cover the female character’s tits, pass or pussy in order for you to still play with a naked character which might lead to some disadvantages while you play the game, because you’ll be more vulnerable, but what do you expect when you try to fight completely naked.

To install the nude patch extract the folder “textures” with all its files from the patch to the directory where you’ve extracted the game in the “export” folder. To deinstall the nude patch just remove the files you’ve extracted during the installation of the patch.

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This nude patch removes the clothes from the Ayumi character you play in the game X-Blades, making her appear nude with only some elements of the armor still present, but not covering any of the important parts of her body – her bouncy tits, sexy ass and hot pussy are fully revealed. This nude patch covers all 3 outfits available in the game, so no matter which one you are wearing, Ayumi will still remain fully naked. The patch also modifies a bit the skin tone of your female character, making her a bit more pale as compared to the original color.

To install the nude patch just extract the files from the folder “Nude Mod” to the main folder where you’ve installed the game X-Blades and run the “xblades-nude.exe” executable file. To deinstall the nude patch just delete the files you’ve extracted from the patch, but even is you don’t uninstall it you can still play the game without the mod if you run the normal executable file instead of the one for the mod.

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This mod contains nude skins for all female player characters in fashion mode (click the Fashion button in inventory) and/or for novice armor (the starting ones in Gear mode) models in the free to play online MMORPG game Ether Saga Online. After applying the patch you will be able to play the game with a completely naked character and the modification is of course making your female character seem nude only for you, so all other players in the game will see the normal model and not the nude one. There are no special requirements, just don’t forget that the nude mod is only for the female characters, so you need to create a female one and not a male one.

To install the nude mod open the “Nude Mod” folder from the patch and run the “PWPatcher.exe” executable file, then select the correct patch to the file “Models.pck” (typical location of this file is “Ether Saga install dir/elements/models.pck”). Press patch and wait a bit for the patching process to finish the nude modification of the female characters in the game. You MUST start game by running directly “elementclient.exe” from the “element” folder, not trough the launcher or patcher! If you run game throw the launcher while nude patch is applied, the modified file “models.pck” might be downloaded from the server again and thus the patch will be removed. The “restore” button in the patcher does revert the changes applied by the nude patch. But you better make a backup copy of the “Models.pck” file before patching just in case, so that you will be able to replace the patched one with the original file when you need to remove the nude patch and the automatic function does not work.

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