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This nude patch for the game Infernal modifies the default clothing of the character Barbara who is a NPC that helps you while you play the game. After applying the patch you will see Barbara nude in all the scenes where she appears. Her clothes are not fully removed, however her boobs and other private parts are fully exposed trough her torn clothes, so she is pretty much naked. She appears latter in the game, so you will have to play a bit before you will be able to see her…

To install the nude patch you will have to copy the contents of the folder “Nude Mod” to the main directory where you have the game Infernal installed in. Then in order to activate the patch you have to run the executable “game-nude.exe” instead of the origianl “game.exe”. To remove the patch just delete files you’ve extracted during the installation of the patch. However you don’t need to remove the nude patch to play the game normally as it does not modify any of the original files.

Download the Infernal Nude Patch

Thanks to this nude patch you will be able to play the game Atlantica Online with a naked female character. By applying this modification all the private parts of the body of your female character will be fully exposed and you will be able to see here boobs, ass and pussy while you run around the virtual game world and fight with monsters.

To install the nude patch run the executable file “modman.exe”, make sure that the Game Directory is set to the folder where you’ve installed the game and then just select the “Default Armor Nude Mod” and click on the activate button to apply the patch. To remove the nude patch for the game run “modman.exe”, from the list of active mods select the modification you want removed and click on the Disable button. The patcher automatically makes backups and restores them, so you don’t have to worry.

Download the Atlantica Online Nude Patch

The game Left 4 Dead 2 has been out for quite some time already and still the only nude mod we have for it is the replacement for the female character called Rochelle with Zoey from the first game. Of course Zoey’s character has been modified to be fully naked, revealing all that you want to see. However I’m sure that there are some people that just want to see Rochelle completely naked and be able to play alongside her in the zombie killing team of L4D2. The good news is that there is a user modification to bring the naked Rochelle character inside the game and most of the work is already done, so we can expect the final modification to be available soon.

So stay tuned for the upcoming naked Rochelle addon for the game Left 4 Dead 2 to be come available and meanwhile you can just use the Nude Zoey replacement mod to have some fun while you play the game. And as soon as the Nude Rochelle addon is available we are going to let you know and provide you with a download link…