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This nude patch for the game Florensia Online modifies the textures of the four female character types in the game making them naked. Thanks to it you can play with a naked Explorer, Mercenary, Noble or Scout female character class in the game. So no more clothes on your character or at least none that will cover any of the important parts you’d want to see. Just make sure that you run the game with High Quality textures enabled (Texture Quality to Hi in the game Options) or otherwise the naked texture modifications will not be available if you play the game in the Lo mode.

Before proceeding with the installation of any of the nude character modifications you will have to do a backup of the original file containing the textures, so that you will be able to return the game back to normal should you decide to. So rename the “Textures.pak” file found in the main directory where you’ve installed the game, under the folder “\data\actor\user\item\item_hef” to “Textures.bak” for example. Then you can copy the contents of the folders “Explorer Nude”, “Mercenary Nude”, “Noble Nude” or “Scout Nude” from the patch to the main folder where you have the Florensia Online installed. Have in mind that you can only have just one of the classes with nude mod applied at any time, so do not try to copy all of the modifications for the characters at the same time, just the one you currently play with. To remove the nude patch, just replace the patched “Textures.pak” file with the original one you’ve backed up or renamed to “Textures.bak” by renaming it back to the original file name.

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The Ravaged Zoey Nude Mod for the game Left 4 Dead replaced the original fully clothed Zoey character with a new one where Zoey has almost all of her clothes torn down from fighting with a lot of zombies. The new Zoey character is fully naked with just a bit of remains of her top and a small part of her underwear, but these do not hide anything. You will see that Zoey’s breasts are fully exposed as well as her ass and pussy, just don’t get distracted looking at her too much. Of course when starting the game you should choose another character and not Zoey, as if you play with her you will not be able to see her naked model, because L4D is an FPS game. Also have in mind that this nude mod is intended for the latest patch of the game version 1015, otherwise you might have some visual issues like pink blocks on the screen etc. so before applying make sure you’ve updated your game to the latest version.

To install the nude mod first backup the file “pak01_dir.vpk” that is found in the folder “left4dead” located inside the main directory where you have installed the game. Copy the modified file “pak01_dir.vpk” for this patch as well as the “materials” and “models” folders that you will find inside the folder “Nude Mod” into the main directory where you’ve installed the game Left 4 Dead inside the folder “left4dead”. For deinstallation just remove the files you’ve extracted during the installation of the patch and return the backed up version of the file “pak01_dir.vpk”. Inside the folder “Nude Mod” you will also find a backup of the original file should you incidentally overwrite or forget to make your own backup. Also have in mind that the nude patch may not work properly with the latest updates for the game!

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This nude patch for the game Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) is intended to replace the Rochelle character with a naked version of Zoey from the first part of the game. You can of course play with the nude Zoey character, but in order to see the nude model you better choose any of the other players, because the game is first person and if you play with the naked character you will not see anything. The mod replacing Rochelle with Zoey introduces the naked female character with torn top and bikini, revealing completely her boobs, ass and pussy so you can really have more fun killing zombies and being helped to do it better by your nude female assistant.

To install the nude modification just extract the file “NudeZoey.vpk” from the “Nude Mod” folder in the patch archive into the main folder where you’ve installed the game, inside the directories “\left4dead2\addons”. Then the addon will be active by default when you run the game and you can start playing right away. To remove the nude patch you just have to delete it from the folder where you’ve extracted the file “NudeZoey.vpk”, however you can also enable/disable the mod from the in-game menu “Extras” and then “Add-ons” without actually having to remove the file.

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