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This modification for the game Champions Online adds nude modifications to your character, so you will be able to play with fully nude or half-naked version of your female character. The mod affects the character creation process by replacing most of the default options you have for clothing and look of your female character with semi-nude or fully nude models/textures. The patch will also replace some of the monsters in the game with a nude version, although you probably will not find any of them sexy. The nude modification also works with the free trial of the game Champions Online, so you can try it before actually having to pay anything.

To install the nude patch create these two directories in your Champions Online game folder:

Extract the files from the folders “Hips” and “Chest” from the patch into the folders you created. Then just run the game and create your sexier completely naked or semi nude female superhero and start fighting the villains in town. To deinstall, just remove the files you’ve extracted during the installation of the patch.

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This mod for the MMORPG game Rappelz Online contains nude models and skins for all female player characters in fashion mode (click on Clothes in Inventory to switch to it). You get all female characters naked with detailed breasts, nipples and pubic area as well as other general modifications to make them look more realistic an natural. The patch also includes many addons for fashion, like kinky bikinis, pirate set, classic set etc. So you can still retain the nude look of your character while adding some accessories.

To install unpack the patch archive, run “rnp.exe” from the Nude Mod folder. Choose Locate Rappelz -> Open… then select the file “SFrame.exe” from your Rappelz Game Directory. Click on Patch -> Insert Nude Patch – and wait for the magic female character undressing happen. To deinstall run “rnp.exe” from the Nude Mod folder, Vhoose Locate Rappelz -> Open… then select the file “SFrame.exe” from your Rappelz Game Directory, click UnPatch -> Remove Patch – and your character will be back to normal.

Download the Rappelz Nude Patch

As we’ve already discussed it the game X-blades is looking quite nice even without any additional modifications, since the main female character you play is already half-naked, but why not make Ayumi completely naked by revealing her barely hidden ass, boobs and pussy with a nude mod. The Heavenly Sword nude patch for X-Blades changes the the Ayumi character you play, from blond to a redhead and of course as the name suggests it also strips down the clothes from Ayumi, making here pretty much completely nude…

The Heavenly Sword nude patch for X-blades is based on texture modification and uses TexMod, so there is no permanent change made to the game itself, making it easier to run in in normal mode and with the nude patch applied as you wish. To install the nude mod for the game just extract the files from the folder “Nude Mod” to the main folder where you’ve installed the game X-Blades and run the “xblades-nude.exe” executable file.

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