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Porno Studio Tycoon is a Business simulator with rich economic model, flexible configuration of movie production, complex casting and other features. Beautiful graphics and no sexually explicit content, though the game does come with some nudity as it is indeed an adult oriented game and a real porn business simulation cannot go without some hot and sexy girls, right? The graphics of the game is intended to create “spicy” atmosphere and a sense of immersion.

You get to shoot sneakily in public places or frighten your neighbors in rented apartments. Group actresses with similar skills and keep track of their mood. Choose the right plot actions. Upgrade your filming abilities on the set or learn from the books. Hire a crew with an awesome director. Define the number of scenes in a movie and the costs of postproduction.

The quality of the porn movie you make affects its price, but there will be no profit without buyers. Release movies when competitors don’t expect you to. An analyst in the office can help you with it. The office, by the way, is a useful thing. An experienced salesman can increase the sales in chosen country. A secretary can add some details to the reports. An accountant can tell you why you’re broke. If you’ve managed this crowd, it is time to create your own websites. And with black hat SEO it’s easier to monitor the number of subscribers.

Actors like to put lies on their resumes and work for your competitors. And relax, obviously. What they don’t like is to get involved with a small studio. Choose your actors wisely. Take into consideration their favorite genres – romantic, vanilla, extreme – and preferences in different countries. And don’t forget to check actor’s skills, as well as director’s skills. Actually, we haven’t figured out the best way of selecting actors. So make up your own.

Key Game Features:
– Markets with shortages and surpluses
– Websites with black hat SEO, merch
– Flexible configuration of movie production
– Complex casting of porn actors
– Two modes of shooting (fast and detailed ones)
– Customizable covers
– Script-based movies
– 60+ actors to choose from

Get to try out what it is to be a Porno Studio Tycoon with this game simulation where you get to make your own porn movies and sell them, succeeding in the business of adult entertainment.

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Sakura Fantasy is an exciting visual novel fantasy adventure where you decide the development of the story by the choices you make. It is the tale of an aspiring sexy female protagonist who wishes to aim to become a knight. Her life suddenly changes when she meets the mysterious empress and a burning star falls from the heavens. This is the new adult visual novel from the makers of Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels.

Although the game features a lot of sexy anime girls half naked, there is a special hentai patch that you can apply to the game to make it even more interesting and get some uncensored extra hentai scenes along with it. You can download the Sakura Fantasy Hentai Patch for the Uncensored CGs + Extra Hentai scenes. To install the patch all you need to do is put it in the Sakura\games folder.

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Sakura Angels is a sexy anime-style visual novel game hat is a follow up to Sakura Spirit. Pitched as an “angelic love comedy”, the game’s plot has two sexy girls, blessed with magical powers, tasked with saving the protagonist (Kenta) from the clutches of a mysterious witch and ancient evil.

From the creators of Sakura Spirit… comes a brand-new angelic love comedy! Two girls, blessed with magical powers, are faced with the task of saving the lonely protagonist from the clutches of a mysterious witch and ancient evil, sealed away long ago by his ancestors. What does this sorceress want from our protagonist? Find out more in Sakura Angels. The game has a lot of hot and steamy sexy scenes available for you to enjoy among the development of the main plot, so if you are a fan of adult anime style visual novel games you should probably check it out.

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